180Amsterdam vs. Koichiro Tsujikawa

A new advert for smartphone manufacturer HTC has been making the rounds lately. It’s a beautifully realized mini-narrative starring a pair of dexterous fingers as… Read more

Lobo for Saturn and Suez

Watch Saturn “Transformations” | Watch Suez Lobo (with The Ebeling Group) revisited the aesthetics of their Skank One Song project, but this time they did… Read more

We Are Seventeen: Fiver

I really dig the fluid energy and subtle cleverness in these two launch idents for UK channel Fiver from We Are Seventeen. Using only colored… Read more


QuickTime version In the comments for our recent Sna Fu “Dorian” post, one of its creators left a link to a previous project, a CG… Read more

2008 Otis Digital Media Senior Show

There’s always promising young talent on display at the Otis Digital Media Senior Show. Industry night is Thursday, May 8th from 6-9pm. Friends and family… Read more

Chad Pugh: Science Machine

This time-lapse vector illustration video from Chad Pugh functions as both a high-speed tour through Chad’s creative process and as a music video. Watching Chad… Read more

Naked Cie Helps Mika Relax

Paris-based Naked Cie (not to be confused with Nakd) developed some interesting concert visuals for Mika’s performance at the NRJ Music Awards (kind of like… Read more

Joyrider: Sun-Rype “Swing”

For their first joint project, Joyrider Films’ Wade Shotter and Andras Ketzer created “Swing,” a faux stop-motion spot for Sun-Rype. Independently, Wade and Andras’ work… Read more

Peter Sluszka for Weight Watchers

Hornet’s Peter Sluszka powers through the history of dieting in this manic spot for Weight Watchers. Sometimes the hybrid/collage/anything goes approach can feel rough or… Read more