FilmTecknarna: ATG Vinnare V75

Beautiful CG and an almost poetic concept power “ATG Vinnare V75,” a new spot from Swedish studio FilmTecknarna. Translation of the end-tag: “Winners 75 –… Read more

Elephant Girl

A nice enchanting short film from New York based David Lobser. As this film is Part 2 of a 1 Part series, you know things… Read more


Originally created in the mid-60s, “Jot” was an animated series presented by none other than the Southern Baptist’s Radio & Television Commission. Production ran until… Read more

FIFA Street 3 Viral

Damn it, I hate when something is so obviously a viral and yet still entertaining enough to watch over and over. Anyone have any idea… Read more

Suzie Templeton “Dog”

Suzie Templeton’s “Dog” isn’t new—it was first released back in 2002—but it’s a beautiful example of how subtlety can convey so much emotion. The father… Read more

CN Refresh “Elijah Rap” Credits

Title: CN Refresh “Elijah Rap” Length: 60 Seconds Date aired: Feb 1, 2008 Director: Shilo Design and Production Company: Shilo Creative Director: Andre Stringer /… Read more

Onitsuka Tiger: Electric Tiger Land

Together with Amsterdam Worldwide, B-Reel directed, animated and produced this colorful spot for Onitsuka Tiger’s new campaign around the theme of “Electric Tiger Land.” It’s… Read more

Fuck Death

Fuck Death is Graydon’s Sheppard’s way of helping the Fuck Death Foundation spread its message and achieve its goal of the “elimination of death through… Read more

Studio Chu

Studio Chu is the work of Julian Pablo Manzelli an illustrator, designer and animator from Buenos Aires. He’s got great new work up for Ford… Read more

31 Days of Oscar

This spot for Turner Classic Movies by Fresh Paint is full of subtle and effective visual effects that tie together a montage of classic movie… Read more

Digital Kitchen: Sundance 08

We posted Digital Kitchen’s brand bumpers from last year’s Sundance Film Festival, and now they’re back with a couple more. Inspired by the legendary Eames… Read more


Buenos Aires is home to a surprising number of boutique motion studios, not the least of which is Superestudio. They recently launched (okay, that’s too… Read more

Timewatch “Bloody Omaha”

I sometimes forget just how much can be done with today’s technology and a boatload (literally, in this instance) of hard work and determination. Case… Read more

Psyop: Adidas “Together”

I know Motionographer seems like a Psyop love-fest sometimes, but when one studio creates so much diverse, beautiful, intelligent work, they’re going to get a… Read more

Saul Bass: Why Man Creates

You’ve probably already seen Saul Bass’ 1968 “Why Man Creates”, but it’s one of those little gems that deserves annual viewing. Sadly, only a five-minute… Read more