Superfad has just relaunched their site, and to make sure they start things off right, they’ve also posted a jaw-droppingly epic :60 Pioneer spot entitled… Read more

Hotness from mono

After gawking at this slick website for TurboChef, a super high-end oven from the future, I decided to backtrack to the portfolio of mono, the… Read more

A New Model: Hooray or Nay?

I got an email recently from The Radar Festival about a new initiative they’ve launched. Here’s the gist of it straight from the horse’s mouth:… Read more

Infinite OZ “Tin Man”

Fallon, B-Reel and nine artists from around the world collaborated to create a mesmerizing mini-site for Sci-Fi’s new mini-series “Tin Man.” Inspired by the Zoomquilt… Read more

Sony vs. Kozyndan Update

Background For those of you who’ve missed the drama, I’ll try to bring you up to date. Last week, we posted the latest spot in… Read more

Dove Onslaught

Get used to this one. You’re going to see a lot of it, I’m sure. Dove’s first viral in this series, “Evolution,” won a Grand… Read more

The Kingdom Main Titles

The movie’s getting lukewarm reviews, but the opening credits for The Kingdom function as an effective prologue to the film. I hate to beat a… Read more

Method for Halo 3

By now you’ve probably all seen Method’s amazing job on the latest Halo 3 spot. It’s getting pretty heavy airplay, and Method’s work stands up… Read more

Colourmovie Updates

Colourmovie has just injected some great new work into their portfolio. The reel’s the same as before, but the Featured Projects area has been almost… Read more

Echolab/Shilo for Lucozade Alert

Sound design and music composition studio Echolab teamed up with Shilo to create a high-impact spot for Lucozade Alert energy drink. In addition to the… Read more

MAKE for Minneapolis AICP

MAKE created this wildly ambitious and entertaining opening sequence for the Minneapolis AICP (Association of Independent Commercial Producers). The project debuted on September 6, 2007,… Read more


Mokme is the site of NYC based freelance animating extraordinare Carl Mok. Mok has had lead roles in some fantastic projects that have been produced… Read more

Interview: Troika Design Group

Talk to enough seasoned west coast mographers and you’re bound to hear Troika come up in conversation more than once. In addition to fostering a… Read more

Happiness Factory 2

Looks like the motion graphics grand masters are at it again. Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam and Psyop just released a continuation to their Happiness Factory story for… Read more

Adam Gault: Lantern Fishes

I’ve raved about Adam Gault before, and as long as he keeps creating amazing work like his recent Lantern Fishes, I’m going to keep on… Read more

Sehsucht inject music into the blood

Hamburg based motion house Sehsucht have created the mesmerising spot ‘Symphony in Red’ for Konzerthaus Dortmund through the agency Jung von Matt. There isn’t a… Read more

Digital Kitchen: Finish Line

Fun typography and super-fluid pacing in this Finish Line spot from the masters at Digital Kitchen. Incredible job on the motion tracking as well. This… Read more

Beer Tales

These spots directed by Jens Gehlhaar for BNS have no graphics en motion, but they are still funny as all hell. BNS and agency DDB… Read more

Dstrukt Showreel 2007

There is hardly need for any introduction to the new reel from Chis Hewitt aka. Dstrukt. The track was created by Uffie and remixed by… Read more

We Are Play

We Are Play is the name for 6 French graphic designers that do visual performances during events. Their name speaks volumes about their work. It… Read more