A New Model: Hooray or Nay?

I got an email recently from The Radar Festival about a new initiative they’ve launched. Here’s the gist of it straight from the horse’s mouth:… Read more

Sony vs. Kozyndan Update

Background For those of you who’ve missed the drama, I’ll try to bring you up to date. Last week, we posted the latest spot in… Read more

The Kingdom Main Titles

The movie’s getting lukewarm reviews, but the opening credits for The Kingdom function as an effective prologue to the film. I hate to beat a… Read more

Sehsucht inject music into the blood

Hamburg based motion house Sehsucht have created the mesmerising spot ‘Symphony in Red’ for Konzerthaus Dortmund through the agency Jung von Matt. There isn’t a… Read more

Designer Roundup

Some of these you might have seen before, others hopefully new. Plenty of inspiring work across the board(s)*. Bryce Wymer http://www.brycewymer.com/ Fantastic illustration, motion design,… Read more

Claude Chabot: Apnee

Claude Chabot’s “Apnée” is a deceptively simple film that uses cleverly conceived 3D scenes to tell a story in a refreshingly innovative way. Each scene… Read more

Diesel Holographic Fashion Show

It’s been really interesting seeing what new mediums motion graphic design spreads to. Clothing company, Diesel, recently implemented some holographic technology to use in a… Read more

Hot Girls in Space

“Hot Girls in Space” is the newest work from National Television done for G4. The spots are great, fun and designed quite nicely. Not to… Read more

Just a Friendly Reminder

Just want to remind everybody of a few ground rules that have always been in place at Motionographer. Most of this stuff is on the… Read more

Lambo: New Site, New Reel

Lambo launched a new site with a strong new reel. Is it just me or does this reel feel much more mature and marketable than… Read more

Shilo Posts a New Cingular Spot

Following up on the success of the Cingular BlackJack spot, Shilo has created a slick new Cingular ad, this time featuring two phones. Because they… Read more

Inspire 07: The Aftermath

Thank you all so much for the kind emails asking about Inspire 07. From my perspective, it went really well, especially for our first time… Read more