Capacity: Cartoon Network Rebrand

LA-based Capacity proved their ability to think big and follow through with their breakthrough NBC rebrand back in 2006. Since then, they’ve been kicking out… Read more

OCB Black Thinking Credits

[See original post] Title: “Black Thin King” Client: Republic Technologies Product: OCB Client contact: Valérie Amiguas Advertising agency: Road (Barcelona) Executive creative director: Emilio Lezaun… Read more

Reality Check: The Economy

Photo by Nature Explorer If you turn on your television or glance at a newspaper, you’re bound to come across the words “economic crisis,” “recession,”… Read more

The World of Harajuku Lovers

Friends With You designed and directed “The World of Harajuku Lovers,” a :45 opus of cuteness premiering on the web presence of Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku… Read more

Maxon Announces Cinema 4D R11

Maxon announced features of its upcoming Cinema 4D R11 release at SIGGRAPH yesterday. Here are some juicy bits from the press release: CINEMA 4D R11… Read more

Freelancing 101: Understanding Holds

In this first installment of Freelancing 101, David Schwarz of Brooklyn-based Hush (Motionographer posts) explains how “holds” work: A “hold” means an employer has the… Read more

ManvsMachine: “Space”

Better late than never, I always say. This beautiful brand piece from Man vs. Machine made the rounds last week, but we were a little… Read more

Costs of War

QuickTime version “Costs of War” is exactly the kind of thing that makes me believe in motion graphics. For the moment, put the subject matter… Read more

Psyop/MassMarket Dissect Absolut

The PR-supplied Q&A with Psyop and sister company MassMarket sheds a little light on “Dissection,” their new advert for Absolut: What was the creative brief… Read more

A Doggy Bag from Supinfocom

[flv: 468 374] Three students from France’s Supinfocom school—Guillaume Cassuto, Thomas Moine and Sylvain Perlot—have produced another fine CG short in their school’s tradition of… Read more

Word Up, World

Word Up, World is an fun, eclectic new film by JJ Walker. It’s a series of six vignettes addressing serious problems in the world, but… Read more

Digital Kitchen: Sundance 08

We posted Digital Kitchen’s brand bumpers from last year’s Sundance Film Festival, and now they’re back with a couple more. Inspired by the legendary Eames… Read more

Beauty of the Beast

Amazing updated site and work by Christopher Lee, aka The Beast is Back, a designer at Buck and oneheckofa great illustrator to boot. He’s got… Read more

Alan Watts, South Park Style

I’m an Alan Watts fanatic. I have listened to countless hours of his lectures, and I’ve read several of his books. There’s just something about… Read more

Pic Pic Andre

I saw the work of this French stop-motion artist (correction: it seems this is a duo from belgium, and here is their site) awhile back… Read more

Motion Horror

This trailer for the short film, Missing Pages, by Jerome Olivier, is an example of beautiful horror. Each shot looks to be a gorgeous study… Read more


We’ve posted Mandarine24 before, and it appears they have a new site with some new work. I was a little slow to post this one,… Read more

Trollback’s Joe Wright for Infiniti

Director Joe Wright of Tröllback + Co. recently finished “Swell,” a gorgeous water-themed spot for Infiniti. Like the rest of Joe’s work, “Swell” is dead… Read more