The (In)famous Craigslist Post

The text below was originally posted on Craigslist (and quickly removed by admins) in response to the ridiculous job offers there soliciting creative services for… Read more

Final Schedule for Inspire 07

Just got the final schedule for Inspire 07, this time with some details about the sessions. Man, even if I wasn’t helping organize this thing,… Read more

Mark Okon: W+K Tokyo Lab

Mark Okon did some interesting work while interning with W+K Tokyo Lab this past summer. The following are introductory pieces for an eight-part series that… Read more

Roger: NBA on Direct TV

It’s projects like this new NBA on Direct TV spot that make Roger one of my favorite hot, young studios. Normally, I’m not a big… Read more

Renascent: Lost

Joost has just posted “Lost,” a type-based visual poem, in the Motion Graphics section of Renascent. “Lost” is a beautiful blend of music (masterfully composed… Read more

RGB6/Nexus London: “The Game”

RBG6 (of Nexus London) created an advert for Honda that re-imagines the famous Tron light-cycle scene with Civics. Brings me right back to my childhood… Read more


If you read my recent post about Splice, you may have noted my whiny tone regarding the dearth of decent CC-licensed audio on the web.… Read more

Stepping Back

[Warning: There are no links to exciting new projects in the following post.] As usual, when I’m between quarters (or between massive projects), I get… Read more

Two More Envelope-Pushers

If you’ve been reading this site (or Tween) for any time at all, you know I love to talk about the convergence of web and… Read more is back up! is back up! The content has been salvaged, but the user list is gone. You’ll need to re-register yourself to post. It appears we’re… Read more hacked

I really don’t understand why people do these things, but apparently has been hacked. I’m still trying to find more details. If you know… Read more

Zero 7 video by click3x

If we are talking about design, I’d have to say that this video exemplifies two of the best little pieces of advice when it comes… Read more