NEWS: Le Cube Celebrates 10 Years with New Reel

Le Cube


Le Cube is an award-winning international animation studio based in Madrid, Buenos Aires, and São Paulo, working for the largest, leading, and first-tier advertising agencies and clients worldwide. Le Cube specializes in animation, illustration, and character design. The crew is composed of crazy sailors from all around the world, striving for excellence and producing impeccable works.

From the creator:

An amalgamation of the animations produced in the last years; a celebration piece of Le Cube's ten years of existence - we're proud to present the energetic punch that is our new reel.

Crazy characters, fluid transitions, colorful shapes, and sharp lines, we hope this mix of favorites is a complete meal for your eyes. As the summing up a decade of growth, the piece is also our eternal child-like wonder that grants us access to bold approaches and ideas.

Cheers to ten, cheers to ten more!