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Netdiver DAC Winners Announced

Between Aug 22nd and Sept 1st, an international invitation was extended by Netdiver to students and aspiring 2D-3D designers to submit their work and get a chance to be published and be seen by some of the top Hollywood studios who attended //ADAPT 2006 in Montreal, September 23nd-24th.


The winners have been announced, and I’m digging “Waltz 57,” the 1st place piece by Nico Stumpo. I know of lot of you don’t like this abstract 3D stuff, but when it’s done rightâ€â€?and I’d say this one is done rightâ€â€?I find them to be beautiful, meditative works.

Posted on 30 September 2006 |

3 thoughts on “Netdiver DAC Winners Announced

  1. I can’t remember the last time i heard about the AbnormalBehaviorChild. This clip is SICK. I have always liked his abstract collage style work, it’s usually got a look to it that makes it Niko’s.