Le Soupe: Europe 2 TV


Some of the work in Le Soupe’s montage of IDs for Europe 2 TV really gets under my skin.

Sorry. Bad joke.

But hey, the work is good. Yes, the whole thumping 3D speaker thing is a bit played out, but Le Soupe has given the disembodied graphical element a plethora of inventive new homes that catch the eye and stick with you.

Production : View
Co-Directors : Stéphane Juffé aka Corpus (www.lesoupe.com)
& Sébastien Cannone aka Degree.

Thanks for the tip, Chris.

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  • i realy like it
    how they do this staff with reall person and 3d speakerd??
    it was made in AF??

  • motion tracking.

    it’s nice, but as you say, played out.

  • oh my gosh, i love it too!!!
    Do you think the speakers were made in Adobe Illustrator CS2… maybe as a smart object; then imported into AE? Or maybe animated in Flash?

    I like the sperm one, its like, they are running away then coming back… then running away again, at the same time that the beat goes “ba-boom”! totaly “RAD”!!!

    Thye must have spent SOOO much time tracking the logo on all those speakers!!! That is like so gnarly


  • hahaha, and i LOVE the “this gets under my skin joke, so totally clever and funny at the same time Awesome!!!

  • Hi, can you please put the real credits :

    Production : View

    Director : Stéphane Juffé//Corpus (ME!!!) (www.corpus01.com) member of http://www.Lesoupe.com

    Co-Director : Sébastien Canone (View)

    Thanx !!!

  • Updated. One of these days, I’m going to learn French. And Spanish. And German.

    Oh, and Chinese.

  • Alessandro

    seems to be a dead link… keep getting file not found error 404.

  • Looks like they changed the location of the video. I just updated the link. Thanks, Alessandro.

  • hi please update the credits :

    Co-Directors : Stéphane Juffé aka Corpus (www.lesoupe.com)
    & Sébastien Cannone aka Degree.


  • hey justin, why not to learn polish too?

  • Okay, I updated the credits again. Did I get it right? If not, please email me at justin@motionographer.com, and I’ll make the necessary adjustments.

    And I’m adding Polish to my list.

  • sort of a mixed bag, some are brilliant! like the tattoo and the bellybutton and the dog, then some are a little off . as has been said, done ALOT! before , but still a nice aesthetic and works really well in this case :-)
    and to the guy who said “do you think the speakers were made in illustrator..etc..” please god tell me you are joking! haha