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Nick Ryan’s “A Lonely Sky”


Dublin-based director Nick Ryan’s new short film, “A Lonely Sky” strikes a chord with me. My brother, father and grandfather are all pilots, so I grew up hearing stories about test pilots and their daring feats of high-altitude, high-speed craziness. But even if you don’t have a familial connection to flying, the film’s site and trailer are definitely worth a gander.

Here’s some info from Nick:

‘A Lonely Sky’ stars Keir Dullea (2001, A Space Odyssey, The Good Shepherd), Paudge Behan (Veronica Guerin), Padraic Delaney (The Wind that Shakes the Barley, Legend). I wrote, directed and co-produced the project.

There is approximately 5 minutes of entirely CGI effects in the finished film of 12 minutes and 40 seconds. This was all completed at 2k resolution (1920×1080) for projection in theaters as a scope print. All the exterior/aerial sequences are CGI. I completed all the effects work by myself, with a lot of support from friends and colleagues.

Music is by Nick Seymour (Crowded House) and Sound Design by Gavin Little at Echolab (a Cream O’ the Cropper).

The film’s website has more juicy info, including trailers, a making-of video, production stills and shot breakdowns. Nick can’t put the entire film online yet because of film festival arrangements, but he promises to release it as soon as he can.

Posted on 22 December 2006 |

5 thoughts on “Nick Ryan’s “A Lonely Sky”

  1. The shots looks great.

    Will you let us know when the films up? Because the site does not have a notification system.

    Also, big fan of Crowded House.

  2. This isn’t no-budget. It’s low-budget at worst. Looks fancy. What was the budget, anyone knows?