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Supinfocom: Musicotherapie

A small band of crazily talented Supinfocom students has created an excellent new short, “Musicotherapie,” maintaining their school’s reputation as one of the best places in the universe to learn the art of animation.


“Musicotherapie” was created by Amaël Isnard, Manuel Javelle and Clément Picon, with music by Nicolas Baloche and Benjamin Fournier.

Official site | Mirror

Via the excellent No fat clips!!!

Posted on 30 July 2007 |

16 thoughts on “Supinfocom: Musicotherapie

  1. Almost all of the supinfocom shorts are so amazing that I’m convinced they could rock the world if they made their own studios.

  2. Totally enchanting. Really a wonderful piece, especially for students. The comedic elements are well played out..

  3. Insane in the membrane! Dope style and beats! Why are these kids from Supinfocom so damned talented?!

    Anyone know what 3d package they use for the spot?

  4. Anybody know of a tutorials online that kinda explains the lighting/texturing techniques used in this piece to give that cartoony feel?

  5. Has i told to my friends, some day i will go to France to see what is inside the water that they drink. The skills of animation are so great. It’s not the first ‘student’ work that i see from this place with great animation skills.