The Creative Work Of Ian Kim


Ian Kim has updated his site with some awesome new work, and we’re extremely happy that he did. Ian’s work is truly inspiring. His abilities take him to a vast range of styles and aesthetics. According to Ian, “The great thing about motion graphics is that every project requires a different style.”

It’s evident from his portfolio that he’s flexible and adaptable to whatever the project at hand may be.  His attention to detail, beautiful use of colors, and intense line work really set his illustrations apart from the norm. Not to mention his nearly perfect attention to perspective and proportions, an area that can be scary for many designers in this industry.

Ian now spends his days rockin’ with the crew from Buck LA. I had a moment to catch up with Ian and ask him about his process.  Here’s what he had to say:

My creative process begins with drawing. Drawing has always been my most immediate way of expressing ideas. I’ve always been into comics and movies, and I think their influence on my work is really evident.

I studied film in school, so with my background in storytelling, I like to think how best to tell a story visually. Since I’ve been working professionally, most of my work is digital, but I love working traditionally. I usually draw everything on paper and try to incorporate traditional elements when I am working on the computer.

I think its great to hear that more artists today want to use a tactile and traditional approach in this digital world. Makes me want to get my pencils out and draw!  Beautiful work, Ian!

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  • Sean

    Ian is the best super bowl ever.

  • tinapinxit

    AWESOME work

  • Ian is the most photogenic hurling model west of Rose.

  • catboy1981

    wow. amazing stuff. best ive seen on here for ages.

  • ruffmercy

    …gotta take my hat off to this fella

  • MadMike37

    Siick work. way to go Ian.

  • oeuf

    Ian is the tea kettle on the leash of the modern contemporary movement.

  • Noideaisoriginal

    Fantastic work.

    Also, being Buck related, am I crazy, or was a new Buck reel posted here a few days ago, and then taken down?

  • david000

    nice work. timely image with the unfortunate incident with Travis the chimp.

  • ACESOME indeed.

  • Beast

    Ian is my ultra talented co-worker. In fact he sits right behind me :) He really deserves this post and I’m glad his work can be shared with everyone that reads this site!

  • awesome work Ian!
    Beast…you must have great work too man!
    Ian looks at your computer screen :)

    • Beast

      Haha, I’d like to think I’m doing something right ;) (The Beast Is Back in “cream” if you’re curious). We actually sit back to back so it’s constant struggle to spy on each other.

  • earllee

    멋져요 great