Please Say Something Finished!


David O Reilly‘s mini masterpiece is finally complete and online – peep!

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  • this is amazing!

  • jusesaba

    wow!, amazing, really amazing!

  • julian_embed

    I saw it at the Berlinale (winner in the category ‘best short movie’)…absolutely brilliant. I was really excited that the Berlinale jury gave the price to
    a animated short movie. The oscar jury is still far away from nominating a animated movie as ‘best picture’.

  • lindovina

    this is amazing.

  • del_razor

    This deserves main column attention..

    i have not witnessed such a remarkable short film in a long time.. I’m showing this to everyone I know.. absolutely phenomenal.. from concept, art direction, and style, down to story, sound design, and music.. just fantastic..

  • conceptx

    totally awesome :)

  • ruffmercy

    got to agree with del_razor on this one… definitely deserves a main column spot.

    very cool indeed.

  • Pretty amazing. This is a FANTASTIC film. Love it.

  • This deserves to be a main story, it’s outstanding, better then some of the things you put on as a main spot.

    • That is right!

      • DanielKing

        agree, this has more comments than any quickie ive ever seen

  • Awesome short.

  • genius!

  • quickie?! QUICKIE!? or is it quicky… hmm.

  • It’s in the works – now shaddap!