AE crash reports

This stuff got us all at HQ laughing for hours…
Nerdvana! Thanks for the tip, Joey Beason!


About the author

Lilian Darmono

Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, Lilian moved to Singapore and eventually Australia for her studies, eventually graduating from Swinburne NID in Prahran, Melbourne. She then worked in print design before deciding to switch to the field of Motion Design in late 2003. Her obsessions include travelling, illustrating, and cats. She is currently in the London leg of her 'Mograph Tour Around The World', and calls Melbourne home.

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  • joeybeason

    you’re welcome.

  • r3awak3n

    this is pretty awesome… AE CS4 is prob the biggest piece of junk ever… the damn program crashes on me at least 8 times a day recently… AE reallyw as not made to work with 16 bit 1080p stuff…

  • its never been the same since 6.5

  • I sincerely hope these were actually sent in!

  • futurestack

    Oh yes, I send them all in.

  • joeybeason

    Awesome futurestack, awesome.

    • futurestack

      Thanks! Everyone has been really pleased about these, tbh I wasn’t planning on going public until I’d written a few better and crazier ones (and anonymized my email address), but all in all it’s been great fun being a minor internet celeb :)