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Ubisoft Montreal Annual Convention Opening

You know how it is. Everything is calm. The pace, relaxed. Maybe you’ll write a little email to your mum, letting her know how special—

BAM! The shit hits the fan. Demands on your creative powers are being made from some shadowy force on high, and you jump into high gear, riding that familiar blend of adrenalin and caffeine that all creative workers know too well.

That experience is brilliantly encapsulated by this opening for the Ubisoft Montreal Annual Convention. Conceived by Greg Barth and Noé Sardet under the direction of Emmanuel Sevigny, the project is a stop-motion ride through the creative process from conceptualization to delivery.

Favorite moments: the error message during the blender sequence, the post-it note reading “Find money and weapons” and the elegantly executed end-tag.

The sound design, created by Ubisoft, really pushes this to the next level (as all good sound design does), exaggerating the action and creating striking contrasts throughout the project.

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Posted on 17 August 2009 |


4 thoughts on “Ubisoft Montreal Annual Convention Opening

  1. This is really rad minus the stop action. All they needed was some janky claymation to really set things off. I guess Ubisoft is about 2 years late to the game. With that said its well executed and I actually watched the whole thing. I cant say that about most stop action pieces…

  2. i guess it’s cute. it feels kind of long though. perhaps in the theatre setting – where i assume it’s suppose to screen – it would be more – gasp, dare i say: bearable to watch.

    desk life! oh, what a chore..