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Prologue: The Game is Afoot

If you were one of the millions of people who caught Sherlock Holmes over the holidays, you probably found it to be a rollicking good time befitting director Guy Ritchie’s sensibility for snappy (and sometimes indecipherable) dialogue and rapid-fire action.

Prologue lent its hand to the project for the main on end credits, opening logo sequence and for the newspaper transitions throughout the film. The main on end sequence kept me in my seat, if only for the elegant interplay of calligraphy and freeze-framed illustrations. For all their elements in the film, Prologue’s art direction was a subtle blend of Victorian references and contemporary design, eschewing rigidly accurate imagery for an interpretation that echoed Ritchie’s lively re-imagining of Holmes himself.

Check out all three elements:

Design Company

Creative Director
Danny Yount

Design Direction
Simon Clowes
Henry Hobson
Lisa Bolan

Jorge Almeida
Chris Sanchez

Bonnie Ebbs

Jose Ortiz
Todd Sheridan Perry

Joey Park
Alasdair Wilson

Brett Reyenger
Miles Lauridsen

Gabriel Diaz

Unjoo Byars

Executive Producer
Kyle Cooper

David Kennedy


Warner Bros. / Silver Pictures

Guy Ritchie

Joel Silver
Lionel Wigram
Susan Downey
Lauren Meeks

Posted on 5 January 2010 |


14 thoughts on “Prologue: The Game is Afoot

  1. Saw this in the theater and immediately thought “Danny Yount must have been in on this”. I loved it. My wife loved it too, a lot, which of course made me feel inadequate. Thanks Danny.

    • From what I saw, Fugitive did the end titles, and Prologue did the opening. At least that’s what it said at the end of the movie. Are we sure this is credited correctly?

  2. Love the illustrations and animations but what is that horrific music doing there? Whether you like it or not is of course subjective but there’s no way it fits at all.

  3. those logos are hot! i would let the guy who did the 3d on those date my girlfriend’s sister!

  4. deanimate: You are correct the music does not fit that well. I saw the movie and it has a different audio track. A more fitting one. :)

  5. everything is top notch – but those opening logos are DIVINE. i really would’ve loved to see that design-direction taken with the rest of the end title.

  6. tdmach1: Good to hear. I look forward to renting this and hopefully watching the end credits without having to mute them.