Two Erotic Shorts from RSA

Two abstract, erotic shorts from RSA: Vernie Yeung’s ‘Quatre’ for Wallpaper & Johan Renck’s ‘Brand Film’ for Agent Provocateur (slightly NSFW)

About the author

Matt Lambert

NYC / London

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  • bicycleman

    Amazing! I love it!

    To all the people that are going to say this content is not suitable for viewing at work. DON’T spoil this piece with your negativity.

  • radarmusicvideos

    Both beautifully made. But one of the models in the Vernie Yeung piece looks like she’s been starving for weeks (and probably has). Ugh, what a turn off.

  • 1angryDwarf

    But what if you “work” at VIVID, then it’s ok to view. Just joking around, LOVE IT!

  • house

    Why is this on Motionographer?