yU+Co: Yogi Bear Title Sequence

yU+Co puts their signature style on the credit sequence for Warner Bros’ Yogi Bear.



Fun animation, but that music makes me wanna tear out my eardrums.

adriana isabel figueroa maƱas

Fine, the pictures, but I would create other kind of music for this motion.


wow…that is really mediocre.


Anyone seen the opening sequence of Gulliver’s Travels? It’s that nice “tilt-shift” look of NYC. fun.

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yU+Co: Yogi Bear Title Sequence

[qt:http://motionograph.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/YOG_MOE_v9a_SingleEye_75_H.mov 640 360]


Creative Credits:
Project: Yogi Bear main-on-end titles
Client: Warner Bros.

Design/Animation: yU+Co., Hollywood, CA

Creative Director: Garson Yu
Art Director/Design lead: Synderela Peng
VFX Director/Supervisor: Richard Taylor
Producer: Sarah Coatts
Effects Coordinator: Sean Hoessli
Design Team: Edwin Baker, John Kim, Daryn Wakasa, Etsuko Uji
3D Stereoscopic Compositors: Stevan del George, Mark Velacruz
After Effects: Jill Dadducci, Andres Barajas, Gary Garza, Wayland Vida, Alex Yoon
Animators: Josh Dotson, Eddie Moreno, Noel Belknap, John Dusenberry, Dae In Chung,
Ben Lopez, Pota Tseng
Editorial: Jason Sikora, Latoria Ortiz