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David Lewandowski: Going to the Store

What happens when bad mocap meets silly walks? For the final episode of Channel 101′s Everything, dlew directs a video about a man walking normally, to a place. Music is Jean Jacques Perrey’s “Little Ships.”

Posted on 3 September 2011 |

20 thoughts on “David Lewandowski: Going to the Store

      • Don’t know pal ….. I kinda liked motiono as a place for top-notch inspiration stuff(which it used to be) rather than youtube standard comedy. 

    • Actually the compositing in this short is very well done. So the link is relevant in professional aspect as well.

      And on top of that it’s the funniest thing I’ve sen in a while ;)

  1. Since when is the worth of a short measured on its commercial reliance or value!? Its this silliness and playful creativity that stops all becoming brain dead animation techies.