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Microsoft’s latest view of the future

If you liked “Microsoft Sustainability” from a few years back, you’ll probably like “Productivity Future Vision.” (No one ever accused them of sexy titles.) Credits requested.

Posted on 31 October 2011 |

7 thoughts on “Microsoft’s latest view of the future

  1. (said in movie announcer’s voice) …”Coming to you from the same people who brought you the Zuunnnee, the Kin and that annoying paper clip animation thing”

  2. seems like the future interface designs degrads in quality.
    so much lame gimmicks in the animation.

    • the typography looks bad.
      why is the gui floating in mid air? 
      is this supposed to stereoscopic or holographic gui?

      the sustainability video looks so much better.

      • yep the sustainability video looks much better. This one is OK.
        Glad Apple is around, not too crazy about MS vision of the future….