Erick Oh: How to Eat Your Apple

We are a bit late to the game on How to Eat Your Apple, a surrealist gem by Erick Oh, but it still tastes great! More treats await on Erick’s blog and his Vimeo, like Way Home and the trailer for Heart.

Learn more about How to Eat Your Apple at Short of the Week’s interview.

Found via Stash 86.

  • Carlos A. Cortes

    that’s pretty cool, how did you do that? 

    • higapod

      Cartoon Brew reports hand-drawn on Cintiq, using TVPaint.

  • Blake P Landry

    beautiful animation!! Rene Magritte would be proud! 

  • Harm van Zon

    wow! really nice! Had to watch it a lot of times to get it all!

  • Sunjae Lim

    awesome cool idea~