Colourmovie for SyFy

Colourmovie shares a thorough breakdown of their project for SyFy’s 31 Days of Halloween.

From the ashes of Airside

Alex Maclean, co-founder of the now defunct Airside, has teamed up with EP Caroline Matthews to launch Rupert Ray. They’re on our radar for 2012.

Double G Studios: Rebranding

Double G Studios mixes up in-camera and digital effects for stunning results for both the Tate video content rebrand and STUDIOCANAL. There are even more… Read more

Classic Quickie: Jim Henson Commercials

Motionographer Classic Quickie: Jim Henson’s surreal commercials for Wilkins Coffee, Linit Fabric Finish, Pak Nit RX, and the lovable LaChoy Dragon. Spotted at AMMI’s Jim… Read more

Lab212: Starfield

lab212 creates a magical experience in Starfield – an interactive swing that amplifies your flight through space. Money shot at 0:39.

Dirty Puppet for Bulmers

Dirty Puppet delivers with a beautiful, fantastically animated graphic piece for Bulmers.

Oh Willy…

Emma De Swaef & Marc James Roels bare just enough of this teaser for their upcoming stopmo short, Oh Willy… Check out this interview for… Read more

Jacob Sutton: LED Surfer

What if the only light source was the subject of the film? Jacob Sutton shoots snowboarder William Hughes after hours with a custom LED suit… Read more

Omer Ben David: For The Remainder

After eight months of hard work, Omer Ben David’s stunning graduation project is finally ready: For The Remainder. Soundtrack by Onili.

David Kamp: Sound Creatures

Who knows what kind of creature is making those snuffling noises in the bushes just behind you. Or the animal skittering for cover under that… Read more

MTV VMB 2011 by Consulado

MTV Brazil’s Video Music Awards intro is an epic Rube Goldberg machine of organic musical instruments. Directed and Designed by Consulado, 3D Animation by Átomo… Read more

The Walking Dead Alternate Intro

Created by Timmy Lunsford Were filing this quickie under “Avant Garde”  with hopes that you might get a laugh on this fine Wednesday.  

[London] Cannes in a Van + Screen Social

Londoners: Screen Social is on Wednesday 15th Feb at The Book Club, London EC2. Music videos, animation, experiments & shorts. More details here.

Him Her

  A relationship in type by Nessim Higson.

Collapsing Cooling Towers

Britain’s Big Six energy companies are at the center of a political storm over ethical violations and the lack of progress in moving toward green… Read more