Eran Hilleli for Honda

Eran Hilleli delivers another spot for Honda via XYZ Studios, you can check out the first one here. This one focuses on the evolution of the brand and its technology over the years by following the characters across generations of both family and car. It’s good to see more of Eran’s talents, which show more focus on characters and storytelling that unify well with his visuals.

Product: Blue Skies for Our Children
Title: Generation to Generation
Client: Honda Worldwide
Agency: Andrew Woods & Associates Los Angeles
Creative Director: Andrew Woods
Production Company: XYZ Studios
Director: Eran Hilleli
Executive Producer: James Bartlett
Producer: Bianca Bramham
Post Production: XYZ Studios
Character Design: Eran Hilleli
Design: Eran Hilleli, Amitay Gilad
Modelling & Rigging: Gina Moore
3D Animation: Tomer Eshed, Eric Lerner
2D Animation: Ori Toor
Compositing: Eran Hilleli
3D Tech: Lior Ben Horin
Music House: Nylon Studios
Composer: Scott Langley
Sound House: Nylon Studios
Sound Engineer: Anthony Aston


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  • Eran Roth

    שיחקתם אותה !!!
    עוגיה מקומית :)

  • I’m craving for a Honda after viewing this video. @Ansabak

  • Love the story! It creates good feelings cradling the Honda brand, and the animation supports that story beautifully.

  • Wow How to make it?:D

  • Philipp Rudler

    Please tell me that they forgot to mention David O’Reilly in the credits – otherwise… the style… erm…

    • Totally see your point, but David didn’t invent the low-poly style, nor does he own it.

      • Philipp Rudler

        I totally agree. But for my taste this is too close in terms of minimalism and movement.

        • Fair enough. :-)

        • dnmt47

          If you’re not familiar with Eran Hilleli’s style then I suggest you check out some of his earlier films, most notably Between Bears. He and O’Reilly really aren’t the same.

          • Philipp Rudler

            Why should I check out Hilleli’s other work when I wanted to talk about the Honda clip? Anyway.

          • u mad?