Much Better Now

The studio Salon Alpin (Portugal) has recently released this fantastic in-house piece called Much Better Now. In their words:

Much Better Now is an independent mixed-media short film. It combines live-action, stop-motion, 3D animation and tells the story of a bookmark, stuck in a forgotten book, in a life marked by standstill in a deserted room.

Not only the video’s fine visual quality deserves all possible recognition, but also the strong narrative beneath it.

To work on this stop-motion project had the same creative impulse on us, as the wind has on our little character. We tell a universal story of evolution in a inspiring new way by using surfing as a metaphor, and no-one knows what future books will bring.

Don’t miss the project’s special website that has making of videos, galleries, credits and so on.

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Philipp Rudler

this is unbelievable.

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