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Studio B: Adobe CS6

Check out Studio B Film’s beautiful spot promoting Adobe CS6 and Creative Cloud.

UPDATE: One section used in this promo is a spot created by Autofuss, entitled “Adobe: Eternal Return” (viewable below). Thank you to Colin Trenter and Flip Baber!

UPDATE: Autofuss’s official version of “Eternal Return” is now viewable below. Thanks Quba Michalski!

Studio B: Adobe CS6

Client: Adobe
Producer: Jane Selle Morgan
Creative Director: Aaron Barry
Motion Designers: Devin Earthman, Michael Rigley
Original Music Composition: johnnyrandom

Posted on 30 December 2012 |

16 thoughts on “Studio B: Adobe CS6

  1. really, major post for this one? Not much happening over the christmas days I guess.

    Just to clarify,this is ok technically solid work, but it’s pretty standard in my opinion

    • Could you elaborate? 3:1 is hardly standard. Nor is a collaboration between studios like this. (Studio B, Autofuss, etc.)

      • Obviously this is just my opinion but I feel that most of the graphic content is, while very well crafted, not that exciting.

        The effect it had on me was more like -that’s quite nice but I’ve seen it before.

        I don’t think that an unusual aspect ratio makes a clip or film stand out either. This would probably have worked just as well in 16:9 or 1:2.35

        The text here did not suggest that there was a collaboration. It just mentions Studio B. Also I feel that while collaborations are interesting, a piece being of collaborative nature does not make it special per se.

        As I said, solid work. But personally I did not see it being is as strong as other pieces that got a main post.

        • I agree. Well crafted but nothing new. They are following the industry instead of reinventing. I often get bored of what is out there because lens flares and cloned primitive objects have been done time and time again.

          I have a hard time watching motion graphics because I’ve seen so much of what is popular and common that I feel nothing is new anymore.

          I hope that in the new year we will see new advancements in creativity along with the technology.

          • can’t seem to leave another reply, but this is regarding rumplestiltskins response

            actually I am more of a director designer, I can animate, but others do it faster and better.

            Coming from that background and having said all of the above I also know that it can be difficult to innovate on commercial projects. Lots of times it’s not the studios / art directors / animators inability to come up with something fresh, but a client / agency who wants to play things a bit safer.

            In any case my main point was that I felt this was maybe more of a quicky type work than main post

      • wow that’s one sophisticated response. Did you animate it yourself? it’s stunning. Lovely use of realistic lighting. Are the feathers dynamic?

        • Are the feathers dynamic? Good question. The entire eagle is dynamically generated using a python script that generates points based off of meaningless threads and comments found on design and motion blogs. I then use the data and generate different shades of pixels to create the eagle using Processing. It’s a fairly simple process actually.

  2. Totally agree, this was just kind of a mess. A couple decent moments, but it really looks like a slew of designed boards made, then handed off to a motion guy. I can so vividly picture someone with a folder of ai /psd files he’s tasked to animate, import-animate, next one, import-animate, repeat. Hand off to an editor. Just doesnt feel like a collaborative team effort building a cohesive design story from the ground up, but rather another factory product where everyone just did their part in the production line.

  3. I always have a bit of a chuckle when Adobe release promo material that quite obviously uses products outside of their suite :P

    The piece was ok though, I particularly liked the photo sequence of the guy running with the streaks behind him.