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Dimitri Stankowicz: Rone “Bye Bye Macadam”

Kicking off with an atomic bang, Dimitri Stankowicz‘s music video for Rone’s “Bye Bye Macadam” sucks you into its graphic ceremony – part Jodorowsky, part Hoogerbrugge. The subtle black on black looks great full-screen – dark details popping faintly off the pure black cosmos.

More about the process at The Creator’s Project.

Music: Rone “Tohu Bohu” “Bye Bye Macadam”
Producer: InFiné
Director: Dimitri Stankowicz

Posted on 24 January 2013 |


2 thoughts on “Dimitri Stankowicz: Rone “Bye Bye Macadam”

  1. Really great piece. The second shot with the spinning atomic build up to the explosion looks like an homage to Michel Gagne’s “Prelude to Eden.”