Fortiche Prod: League Of Legends

Directed by Passion Paris duo Arnaud & Jerome, this promo for the online game League of Legends showcases their newest character, Jinx. The video was created by Fortiche Prod and produced by Passion Paris.

The directors and Riot Games worked closely together, exploring new animation and rendering and compositing techniques. By choosing to veer away from the more conventional CG gaming aesthetic they, together, brought an enormous amount of energy and enthusiasm to this project. The result of this collaboration is a visually astounding film, seamlessly blending CG and 2D animation, creating a never before seen graphic look.



Looks like some hand drawn explosions and efx, nice blend.


super fun! love this.


It’s an awesome looking video! Currently in hell with the 4.1 soft reset though… too many disconnects and afks for my liking :(

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