MN8 : Jake Sargeant


Formerly a quickie, we have upgraded the multi-talented Jake Sargeant’s new web update for your full attention.

You may recognize Jake’s name from our Oblivion GMUNK post or back in 2011 on our Tron:Legacy post, both showing flashes and mentions of him.

In the world of screen graphics, Jake has made countless marks on blockbusters like Terminator Salvation, Tron : LegacyOblivion, and more.

For his updated site, he also highlights his love for the camera, in both still and motion picture form. 

With each project chock full of description and breakdowns, we hope you take the time to go for a deep dive. For a taste, check out the insane detail on the LG project page.

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  • No matter what project Jake is involved, the result is always excellent! I’m bored! ;p

  • Awesome as always!..

  • Big producer hotshot with lines of charlie on his desk.

    @Rafael Macho : I was about to say no matter what project he’s involved, he’s always going to have a feature in Motionographer.
    I’ve hardly been visiting this site, and now that an old daily habit became weekly, its very disappointing to see the same friends of Justin constantly being posted.

    • [Comment removed at request of poster.]

    • JAKE!

      Congrats on the update and beautiful stuff.

      Thanks for the inspiration, and for making me want to grab my camera and go shooting.


    • For the record, I’ve never even met Jake. I don’t think we’ve exchanged more than a couple emails. I admire the hell out of his work, that’s it.

  • Always quality and prolific body of work that has set a great bar for many designers and directors, myself included. Fully deserved and well earned recognition.

  • Ei

    Congratulations Jake! I am always so blown away by your work :D