Showcase: Mate?

In this Motionographer showcase, we’re focusing on yet another amazing collaborative film.

Directed by and featuring an all-star cast of artists, “Mate?” is centered around a shared affection for this beloved beverage.


In today’s world, we share everything in the social media, but in Latin America we share everything in a round of Mate. Thanks to all these artists, colleagues and friends, who participated with this collaborative project with their own Mates from Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina. You know we admire you, guys.

Love for everyone, for the Mate and the animation!

Enjoy it!

Gastón Pacheco –
Fabricio Lima –
Cinco –
Jorge R. Canedo Estrada –
Gabriel Fermanelli –
Morphine –
Six N. Five –
Matias Furno –
Carlos Araya –
Atlantico –
Bandido Guapo –
Enano Maldito –
Esteban Pedrozo –
Laura Giménez –
Angel Rapu –
Steven Fergusson –
Pablo Mardones –
Giulia Marchetti –
Julian Fumagalli –
Felipe Vargas –
Pablo Cuello –
Juan Molinet –
Leandro Vargas –

Música y diseño de sonido
Redhorse Studio –

About the author

Joe Donaldson

Joe Donaldson is the editor of Motionographer. In addition to leading the content side of the site, he is also a professor at Ringling College of Art and Design working in the Motion Design department. Before joining Ringling, he worked as a director, designer, and animator in Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles, and has had the honor of directing work for clients such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Instagram, The New York Times and Unicef. In 2018 he started Holdframe.

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