Showcase: That Yorkshire Sound

Today, please take the next two minutes and thirty-one seconds to enjoy this amazing new film by Marcus Armitage.

It’s hard to not overstress the importance of sound in animation. I think most can agree, there is a wonderful moment when working on a project and you replace the temp track with the final audio. It’s as if magic happens and it brings the piece together and makes it feel whole.

That Yorkshire Sound is a perfect example of how audio can help to shape a piece. Between the quick cuts, being bombarded with different sounds, and Marcus’ beautiful pastel animation, the film is an engaging tapestry of sound and picture from start to finish.

About the author

Joe Donaldson

Joe Donaldson is the editor of Motionographer. In addition to leading the content side of the site, he is also a professor at Ringling College of Art and Design working in the Motion Design department. Before joining Ringling, he worked as a director, designer, and animator in Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles, and has had the honor of directing work for clients such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Instagram, The New York Times and Unicef. In 2018 he started Holdframe.

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