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We understand.

All of us at Motionographer® are intensely passionate about filmmaking, motion graphics, design, animation, and visual effects. We understand the incredible amount of work it takes to create even the humblest of projects.

But we can’t post all the work we see. If we did, the site would quickly devolve into a jumbled mess that would be unusable and, ultimately, uninspiring.

Over time, we’ve developed sets of criteria that we instinctively employ when checking out new work. Don’t get me wrong: It’s a very subjective process. We don’t have a black-and-white grading system or a neat matrix of qualifiers. The reality is much messier than that, but we think it works.

Deciding What to Post

When new projects are sent to us, we ask ourselves the following questions:

  • Is it innovative?
  • Is it exceptionally well-crafted?
  • Is it built on an interesting concept?
  • Does it push existing technology to new limits?
  • Does it create a lasting emotional impact?
  • Does its production process merit attention for some reason?
  • Has it been done before? If so, does it take the concept in a new direction or raise it to a new level of quality?
  • Is the subject matter interesting?
  • Is it historically valuable?
  • Does it challenge existing ideas about the media for which it was created?

Obviously, no project will fit all those criteria. They are merely guidelines, questions we instinctively pose to ourselves. Sometimes we need to discuss a project internally before sharing it; other times we know immediately that a project deserves to be posted right away.

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