Pause 2019 Motion Response

Pause Fest

From the creator:

The relationship humans have with technology is being redefined, and the divide between
humans and machines is getting increasingly narrower. We set off to explore this
relationship from an intimate angle. Subtle. Suggestive. Elegant. Powerful.
We did so by introducing a set of unconnected scenes that indirectly represent what goes on
inside one’s body when getting closer, establishing a connection and finally consummating
the union with a significant other. In that case, that significant other is represented by

This process leads to feelings and sensations that are inherently human. Attraction,
excitement, tension, increased breathing and heart-rate. Every shot was crafted with
artificial, almost otherworldly textures and elements.

Produced by Onesal Japan
Creative Direction: Nahuel Salcedo, Damian Sendin
Art Direction: Damian Sendin
Music and SFX: Mount Audio
Producer: Ailin Brunner
Project Manager: Lucia Gutkin
Animation and CG Artists: Nahuel Salcedo, Koji Obara, Mercedes Herrera, Damian Sendin

Onesal Studio