Psyop: Coke

Psyop recently finished up a couple quirky spots for Coke. "Cloud" is a blend of stop-motion and cel animation that has a retro feel to it. The simplicity of the forms (both drawn and sculpted), the characters’ expressions and even the sound design remind me of the classic La Linea cartoons. Bringing that aesthetic into the third dimension (via clay) is interesting, but this spot feels a little flat to me (no pun intended).

Psyop: Coke

I’m a bigger fan of "Dog," which feels decidedly more Psyop-ish than "Cloud." The only thing that initially turned me off about this spot was its opening fart joke. But it turns out the dog’s gaseous tendencies figure prominently into the narrative arc.

The dog is literally bursting with character. From his wildly waving hair to his hilariously menacing teeth, he owns this spot from beginning to end. The "yes" and "no" particle system-like graphics are an excellent touch, as well; they comically externalize the dog’s inward state while adding visual interest. Very nicely done.

Watch Cloud | Watch Dog

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Justin Cone

Together with Carlos El Asmar, Justin co-founded Motionographer, F5 and The Motion Awards. He currently lives in Austin, Texas with is wife, son and fluffball of a dog. Before taking on Motionographer full-time, Justin worked in various capacities at Psyop, NBC-Universal, Apple, Adobe and SCAD.

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  • “Dog” is beautiful… Much preferred to “Cloud”..

  • Ai
  • spiritform

    I like ’em both, but yeah.. the Dog one is freakin awesome, way to go Psyop!

    Ai: Nice.. thanks!

  • haha I love the teeth, the animation is brilliant!
    Nice to see they didnt leave the dog as a solid black colour.

  • I have to disagree. My preference is definitely for the cloud spot…
    Just my opinion and taste. But if we’re voting….
    Nothing wrong with the “flat”aesthetic. In fact it liberates you to create new worlds, much like the la linea and yellow card animations do…
    3d can be so “real” and restrictive, don’t you think?

  • “3d can be so “realâ€Â? and restrictive, don’t you think?”

    Sure, in the wrong hands. But that’s true of 2D as well.

    “Dog” was done mostly in 3D, and it feels very organic, loose, wild and unrestricted to me.

  • I like em both too. They seem so different though… like a different campaign. Cloud doesn’t look like PSYOP at all yet Dog is PSYOP at it’s best! I actually watched Dog multiple times…. I havent done that in a long time. Theres soo much going on.

  • Jam-packed with tons of technique, and more importantly, tons of character. “Dog” is the kind of spot that, if I saw it for the first time on an actual tv, I’d be looking for all over the place. Which is half the battle for a commercial after all, right?

    Curse Psyop for that increasingly less rare I hate you cos I’m jealous-but I love you cos you’re so fine reaction.

  • branden

    does anyone know the song for cloud??

  • Yeah… great song huh?
    it’s called “Folder” by Plastic Operator and a great video was done for it by bitstate…

  • Anonymous Content

    And which one of the psstpassiton-guys are you bran dj?

  • Anonymous Content

    Love the coke spots.

  • Jon

    Come on Justin, you can’t beat a good fart joke. This one was particularly well achieved in my humble opinion.

    High callibre work, as we’ve come to expect from these guys.

  • Johnny E

    # Ai says:
    April 18th, 2006 at 3:52 pm

    If you want a la linea “inspiration� check this:


  • branden

    thanks and yes great the song

  • Man, is it just me or is the discussion on Motionographer much better than the discussion on Tween? I think that stupid code system really screwed up people’s ability to comment on Tween…

  • JJR

    Agreed, discussion is much better on Motionographer.

    You guys are champs.

  • Hey Anonymous
    I am
    and I am organizing Psst!
    Update on that soon.
    i promise.
    Sorry to hijack the Psyop comments…
    also did you all see that MTV HD spot?|0

  • dooda

    CAN U SAY WOW!!!

    that mtv spot by psyop is AWESOME!! simply beautiful. one of the best spots i’ve seen in awhile.

  • It’s so much better Justin… it’s almost like a forum now.

  • I dig both pieces. It’s great to see non CG work (Cloud) from a top CG boutique. Dog is great, but I’d really like that it had been done in claymation too – it would be different but not neccesarily better, cause this is already GGGGREAT Stuff. Congrats to PSYOP…

  • bubbles

    what’s wrong with fart jokes?

  • core_wanderer

    Well for ur info, CLOUD is also fully CG
    although there are a lot of hand drawn elements in the spot.

  • Hey BTW the cloud clay is acutally CG.

  • i love the Cloud version. The characters have personality and although I love fart jokes the quirkiness and feel of the CG claymation characters won me over. Fabulous.

  • ctz.insane

    what song playing in “doggy”? sounds very familiar but i can’t remember. anyone?

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