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Design for Television

Check out this excellent blog post from A-HAAA about one of the earliest courses in design for television, including scans of some of the original course material. Don’t miss the page on “the abstract commercial.” Very nice.

Thanks for the tip, Shaun.

Posted on 28 April 2006 |

13 thoughts on “Design for Television

  1. That post is just the tip of the iceberg… The ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive has as one of its primary focuses, documenting the work of the independent studios that produced many of the TV commercials of the 50s and 60s. We have been digitizing original artwork from Quartet Films (Tony the Tiger, Snap Crackle Pop) and Ray Patin Studios.

    Try a few of these links…









    There’s a lot more… click on MEDIA and FILMOGRAPHY in the masthead for more amazing posts. Please help us get the word out on our project by linking to us from your own blog or website.

    Stephen Worth
    Animation Archive

  2. Very good find guys. Justin, the “the abstract commercial.� was the Psyop transitions of those days haha.

    Thanks for the links Stephen.

    I really wonder how the present times work wtill be percieved years from now.

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