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Lorenzo Fonda: BIFF

Director Lorenzo Fonda came up with a great idea for the Boston Independent Film Festival. He basically recreated the effect of a zoetrope by rolling over blocks of wood with a camera.


Read more about the process behind the Boston IFF trailer on his site. And don’t miss the making-of photos.

Posted on 29 April 2006 |

16 thoughts on “Lorenzo Fonda: BIFF

  1. The fact that this is shot rather than all CG’d makes the aesthetic kick that much more ass. It makes me want to take some techniques back to basic. Mad props Lorenzo. Well done!

  2. Love the thought process that went behind making this piece. With video camera’s producing such nice picture quality, hopefully we start seeing more live action integration.


  3. thanks guys! that was very fun to shoot (also because was my first experience on a set that big and professional…). I think there are a few things on it that could have been better developed, but i couldn’t take care of everything eheh.. hopefully someone will develop this idea and bring it even further!

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