Paraiso Travel End Titles

Credit sequences are becoming more of a norm in feature films, whether it be just a stylistic exploration that is done in the Harry Potter… Read more

Play-Doh Passion

The new Bravia spot for Sony by Passion Pictures is online now and is just wonderful. They used 40 stop-motion animators in New York City… Read more

Rmax + Guilherme Marconi for MTV

I never tire of the brilliant palettes from Brazilian illustrators like Guilherme Marconi, who teamed up with Ricardo Maximo (Rmax Studio) to create two interesting… Read more

nailgun* for Universal

nailgun* recently posted a redesign for multi-national network Universal. (Yes, that Universal.) It’s a beautiful set of semi-narrative vignettes all viewed through a stylish, sleek… Read more

Dove Onslaught

Get used to this one. You’re going to see a lot of it, I’m sure. Dove’s first viral in this series, “Evolution,” won a Grand… Read more

Nervo Updates

Nando Costa’s new venture, Nervo, has been busy. Nando is one of those pioneering souls who long ago established himself as a distinctive voice. In… Read more