Locksley Music Video from Marked Animation

Check out this stop-motion/2D/3D music video for Locksley, completed during their off time over the course of 5 months by Mark Phillips and friends. I know there’s a ton of cut-up, 2D character pieces out there today, but I really appreciate how a great deal of their motion isn’t done by cutting them up and animating their limbs, but by sequencing shots. The lip-syncing in this respect is fantastic. All of that is coupled with a fun and strong concept.

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Director – Mark Phillips
Producers – Mark Phillips, Hideaki Charles Sato
Art Directors – Mark Phillips, Ben Myers, Mark Theriault
Production Designer – Skylar Wesby
Animators – Mark Phillips, Ben Myers, Bryan Matthews, Paul Beaudry
Technical Director – Mark Theriault
Background Designer – Ben Myers
Visual Effects Designer – Mark Theriault
Band Photographer – Dasha Anokhina
Additional Photography – Mark Phillips, Ben Myers
Online Editor – Christopher Mines
Storyboards – Mark Phillips
3D Artists – Andrew Hasko, Radek Michalik
Additional Designers – Mark Fanslow, David Morton
Creative Consultant – Sam Bair
Music by /Locksley/ (Sam Bair, Aaron Collins, Kai Kennedy, Jesse Laz-Hirsch)
Special Thanks – David Morton, Dan Moulder, The Kinetic Playground