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Patrick Boivin

Patrick Boivin’s latest stop-motion short—a comedic battle between Iron Man and Bruce Lee—burned up the interw3b as soon as it was released a few days ago. And for good reason. Boivin’s storytelling skills are matched by his spot-on stop motion work. Watch the making-of video to get a glimpse of Boivin’s meticulous process.

The film above is just the tip of the iceberg. Boivin’s portfolio is brimming with entertaining and inventive work. Oh, and don’t miss the interactive dance-off between Batman and Joker.

Posted on 26 March 2009 |

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11 thoughts on “Patrick Boivin

  1. Thanks Jim, i remember now a friend told me about this software when we where talking about stop motion. About the AE plugins i do recognize all of them. THanks again!

  2. Awesome! This is what I call excellent creative work! I saw the glimpse the making of it, really fantastic! Dragon stop motion you rocked!

  3. this guy is brilliant.been following him for quite some time now on youtube. aaammmmmaaazing stop motion work.very inspiring. his interactive approach is genius!

    go canada!