Two Weeks, a fan video by Gabe Askew

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Two Weeks, a fan video by Gabe Askew

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  • heymaxvfx

    wow… and the cg reel is amazing too
    great job

  • oeuf

    Wow, never heard of the group until now. Good tunes, great vid!

  • Awesome, just awesome!
    Muted the sound, because the animation is SO clever!

  • Flawless, love it.

  • Panasit

    Remind me of Muse “Invincible” video with less detail but done more masterfully with superb symbolism. Very beautiful.

  • Gabe Askew

    Wow, thanks everyone! I can’t believe how quickly this video has spread!

    • ian1221

      wow,Gabe Askew,can you tell me how to do this´╝č
      what software dio yu use?

  • linka

    fantastic! this is magic

  • The Fake Marc B.

    This is even better then the 2 official music videos the band has. Nice work.