Roger rebrands Nicktoons

Picture 11

Roger rebrands Nicktoons. with the help of Nirvana and some crazy particle action.

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  • michieldg

    This totally blew me away! Awesome.

  • Nice work, but can someone tell me, have Roger just used ‘Smells like…’ for their montage or is this seminal track being used by Nicktoons as part of their rebrand? I really really really hope it’s just the former…

  • Good visuals but none of it really feels “right” for Nickelodeon.. especially framing it around a Nirvana track.

    Maybe I’m just too nostalgic for the 90s.

  • I hate it. It looks like a sports network. All the explosion effects are too literal. the animation is just not innovative enough. I really think its a step down. Sorry.

  • a

    this doesn’t feel like nicktoons imo

  • jimihendrix

    such a talented crew working for this,
    yet the only reason this should be shown on motionographer is how very bad art direction can make us all look bad, if I was any one of these guys I’d ask Roger to take my name off the credits.

    And props for using realflow, or NOT.

  • rowlkr

    Wow, really all over the place. Impressive chops, but what about cohesion? And sorry I’m not a Nicktoon-watcher, so forgive my ignorance, but that orange “hulk”-type guy about a third of the way in – does that say “C4D” on his chest?

  • design

    This is a total disconnect for me. Who is the audience for Nicktoons?? I would have thought 5-9 year olds or thereabout? This feels like it’s directed at 20-40 year old men. And yeah, same question about the Nirvana track…While the skill and technique is obviously there, this is a total miss for me.

  • folschild

    This is awesome and kids will absolutely go crazy for it. If it doesn’t connect with you then you’ve forgotten what it’s like to be a kid and I feel sorry for you.