The Man Who Sold the Sun

Kieran Mithani’s “The Man Who Sold the Sun” is a visual expression of a poem he wrote by the same name. Title design work by… Read more

Superestudio Updates

Superestudio celebrates 10 years of life with a neat update!

Flame, Fire and Fluid Drawing tools!

Check out these flame, fluid fire, and fluid water particles drawing tools by the talented Peter Blaškovič (Escape Motions). Warning: They are pretty addictive and… Read more

IBM’s Data Films

IBM’s recent campaign exposing the data that flows through our world and keeps it moving, has produced Data Anthem and Data Baby. They called upon… Read more

Motion Theory Decodes Beauty

Complexity amongst simplicity, and technology behind raw beauty are the building blocks for Motion Theory’s latest hit for Buick and the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Directed… Read more

DAf: “Wine Legend”

Chilean powerhouse DAf serves up a delicious glass of fiery visuals in “Wine Legend.” Don’t miss the making-of featurette.

Roger rebrands Nicktoons

Roger rebrands Nicktoons. with the help of Nirvana and some crazy particle action.

Blacknail Pictures Make No Excuses

Comprised of London VFX veterans Mario Ucci and Rick Thiele, Blacknail Pictures created this stunning piece for Breast Cancer awareness for IBCC via Ogilvy, São… Read more

SPA by DeKo

If you liked the recently posted “Let Yourself Feel,” then you’ll appreciate the SPA Vilnius intro animation by DeKo. (Thanks, Mateusz!)

Anthony Chappina

3D effects artist Anthony Chappina has some slick work on his site, along with descriptions, breakdowns and animation tests for many of his projects.

Eric Lerner “[][][][]”

Eric Lerner‘s latest short, an unofficial music video for “Gong” by Sigur Rós

Moustache: Studio 37

Paris-based Moustache created this ethereal voyage through a glowing world for Studio 37, Orange’s feature film production company. Credits on the Moustache project page.