James Frost, OK Go and Syyn Labs – OK Go “This Too Shall Pass”

Viral video kings OK Go have a new music video for This Too Shall Pass”. Again, they take a simple idea and push it impressively further than most. OK Go, James Frost, and Syyn Labs created a crazy Rube Goldberg machine (in the manner of The Way Things Go and Honda ‘Cog‘) that integrates with the song’s beats and lyrics, rather than solely providing visuals underneath them.

Looks like the shoot was a ton of fun – the paint-covered nod at the beginning of the video to the number of times they must have run through the whole process is a great touch. There’s a four part making-of series as well.

OK Go: “This Too Shall Pass” RGM Version
Director: James Frost with OK Go & Syyn Labs
Production Company: OK Go Partnership
Producer: Shirley Moyers
Director Of Photography: Dermott Downs
Telecine and Online: The Mill New York



epic, wonder how many tries it took to get it right


This is incredible. Love the audio visual syncing. Quite amazing!


Judging from the number of broken TVs, I’d say the final video was the 10th take.

Mate Steinforth

this thing if fucking crazy! sooo much work! great!


this just made my day!

gabriel larusso

Combining two groups, a rock band & uber-nerds, to create such an innovative video where the sum product exceeds the singular vision of either group made for an inspiring video!

I kinda wish the “making of” showed how much tinkering was done with separate takes and Time Mapping in AE to hit the sound fx dead on with the beat of the song.

Love the raw and authentic approach in Ok-Go videos.

mike gottschalk

This sequence is very impressive and well-executed. Although the link that I see is not a music video. It is an insurance commercial

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