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Pixels by Patrick Jean

Wow, tons of you have just sent this in, and it’s appearing everywhere on the internet this morning. And no wonder! Patrick Jean’s new film Pixels is a great short film. We’ve seen the techniques here before, but this execution is ambitious, clever and well-realized. And it’s the details that truly make it fun to watch. The Tetris blocks filling in the skyscrapers, Frogger leaping between cabs, and Donkey Kong on the Empire State. I really like the Atari logo appearing on the Death Star building down in lower Manhattan, too. Poor NYC, though. Always the victim of someone’s VFX disaster …

One More Production is the company responsible, and they’ve got a ton of other great work as well.

Written, directed by : Patrick Jean
Director of Photograhy : Matias Boucard
SFX by Patrick Jean and guests
Produced by One More Production

Posted on 8 April 2010 |

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15 thoughts on “Pixels by Patrick Jean

  1. This is completely awesome. Awesome concept. Awesome execution. It kicks complete ass.

    • We included the credits that were listed on the Dailymotion site where the video is hosted. And there is an actual crawl at the end of the film, though. Actually we’re following up with Patrick and One More Production, so we’ll be sure to publish a full list of credits when we get them.

      But in general, we totally agree. A full list of credits should be published alongside work on any site that it appears.

  2. this piece makes me SO HAPPY, for some reason! And I love that still you chose for the post, Bran..In fact, I bet the whole film was made so Patrick could do THAT to Donkey Kong and Empire State. GENIUS!

  3. WOW! Its so creative and well executed! MASTERPIECE!
    I love the Pong destroying the bridge and Donkey Kong with his lost look ;)