EXIT 73 Studios: Coin

“Coin” begins as a rather humble homage to fighting games of yesteryear, an 8-bit nod at nostalgia with lovingly crafted keyframes. Then things get awesome.… Read more

Pixels by Patrick Jean

Wow, tons of you have just sent this in, and it’s appearing everywhere on the internet this morning. And no wonder! Patrick Jean’s new film… Read more

Royal Gregory – Holy Fuck

Retro gaming-esq fun music video for Holy F**k – Royal Gregory. Created by Mina Song / Mirrorshade.

Flairs – Truckers Delight

I wouldn’t exactly label this as highbrow, more like highfun! It’s pretty crazy and leans heavily on the raunchier side of life. Directed by Jérémie… Read more

8-bit Waterslide

Tea&Cheese mixes stop-motion animation and 8-bit graphics in 8-bit Waterslide (Thanks, Kris!)