Lamborghini Aventador made epic by Sehsucht

Lamborghini Aventador made epic by Sehsucht


About the author

Harm van Zon


animator + motion graphic designer @ onesize

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  • JimmyBean

    now THIS is inspiration!

  • Seemless vfx….I’d love to see what’s CG and what’s not…that’s one big ass logo at the end.

    • I think all of this is CG, aside of maybe some subtle dust/smoke close-ups in frame or two.

      • (CGSOCIETY) shot in the Californian desert Coyote Dry Lakebed

  • First I questioned if this was complete cg, at the same time questioning if this is the career im suppose to belong in. Now that Harm van Zon found the Cgsociety breakdown, I decided not make a career change. thanks buddy! saves me money.


    shows a little setup. driving that camera car must take some serious skill.

  • <3