Ned Wenlock: “Apache” for Danger Beach

Watching Apache is like riding a merry-go-round of revolving visuals. With each part building upon itself in steady rotations, the piece reads like a narrative. Directed by illustrator Ned Wenlock, alongside character animator Rodney Selby, Apache is a Wild West inspired music-video for indie rock band, Danger Beach. Through a looping tale of time and travel, the characters assume several modes of transportation, only to be defeated by the modern metropolis.

Read our exclusive Q&A with Apache director, Ned Wenlock, here.



So muthaluvin’ good! Thanks for the write-up.


That song is really cool……Seems like the cylindrical effect could have all been done with CC cylinder if you wanted to.


There’s a million ways to do everything


favorite anim/video so far this year


Its so nice to see the combination of great animation and a fresh way of telling a story. Good stuff Ned !

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