Two hits for Oreo, each with its own twist

Chances are you’ve seen either one or both of the Oreo “Wonderfilled” spots that have been burning up the interwebs.

The :90 anthem was directed by Martin Allais with animation by his own animation shop, Studio Animal. (Not to be confused with the Korean studio by the same name.) It’s a tour de force of 2D character work, packed with cute moments of hesitation and punctuated by charming type.

The :30 version by Royale uses a 3D/2D technique similar to their Christmas short, The Bell Ringer.

The chronically catchy tune was penned by Martin Agency creative director Dave Muhlenfeld and performed by Owl City.

NOTE: This post was updated to correct the studio attributed to the :90 spot.


:90 Anthem (Martin Allais)
Client Credits:
Global Marketing Communication: Jill Baskin
Brand Marketing Director: Janda Lukin
Agency Credits:
Chief Creative Officer: Joe Alexander
Group Creative Director: Jorge Calleja
Creative Director: David Muhlenfeld
Creative Director: Magnus Hierta
Senior Art Director: Brig White
Planning Director: John Gibson
Managing Director: Steve Humble
Senior Broadcast Producer: Kathy Lippincott
Broadcast Producer: Heather Tanton
Broadcast Junior Producer: Caroline Helms
Production Company: Studio Animal
Director: Martin Allais
Producer: Maria Soler Chopo
Illustration: Martin Allais
Storyboards: Martin Allais
Animatic: Pere Hernández, Javi Vaquero, Matt Deans
Animator: Pere Hernández, Javi Vaquero, Pablo Navarro, Dani Alcaraz
Tracing and color:Ezequiel Cruz, Macarena Ortega, Eva Puyuelo, Joel Morales
Compositing: Santi Justribó Martin Allais
Music (performed by): Owl City (Adam Young)
Voiceover talent: Owl City (Adam Young)
Original Music and Lyrics: David Muhlenfeld (English Major, LLC)

:30 (Royale)
Executive Creative Director/Partner: Brien Holman
Managing Director/Partner: Jennifer Lucero
Art Director: Andy Lyon
Designers: Jonathan Kim, Andy Lyon, Jennifer Olive Lee, Jason Cook, George Fuentes, Anthony Madlangbayan
3D Modeling/Surfacing Lead: Juan Carlos Cuadra
3D Character Animation: Andy Lyon, James Lane, James Parris, Ian Mankowski
3D Rigging: Ian Mankowski
3D Modeling/Rendering: George Longo, Juan Carlos Cuarda, Ian Mankowski, John W. Nguyen
3D Animation: Orlando Costa, Kevin Tonkin
2D Cel Animation: Andy Lyon, Anthony Madlangbayan

Storyboard Artists: Scott Richie/Brian Koons
Compositing: Mike Humphries, Renzo Reyes, John W. Nguyen

Head of Production: Danielle Hazan
Producer: Jamey Kitchens

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  • 1.30 version style is thousand times better!

  • Greg Stesso

    So cool! Nice job on the stylized 3D renders.

  • DT

    i love it~

  • Yanni

    I like them both. Pretty stuff.

  • Neat rendering style, especially love the look of the car. Really nicely done.

  • Sarah

    Love it!

  • mama

    So beautiful they both bring my inner child to tears!

  • oeuf

    Great look and feel on both pieces. Catchy little tune too.