Two hits for Oreo, each with its own twist

Chances are you’ve seen either one or both of the Oreo “Wonderfilled” spots that have been burning up the interwebs.

The :90 anthem was directed by Martin Allais with animation by his own animation shop, Studio Animal. (Not to be confused with the Korean studio by the same name.) It’s a tour de force of 2D character work, packed with cute moments of hesitation and punctuated by charming type.

The :30 version by Royale uses a 3D/2D technique similar to their Christmas short, The Bell Ringer.

The chronically catchy tune was penned by Martin Agency creative director Dave Muhlenfeld and performed by Owl City.

NOTE: This post was updated to correct the studio attributed to the :90 spot.


:90 Anthem (Martin Allais)
Client Credits:
Global Marketing Communication: Jill Baskin
Brand Marketing Director: Janda Lukin
Agency Credits:
Chief Creative Officer: Joe Alexander
Group Creative Director: Jorge Calleja
Creative Director: David Muhlenfeld
Creative Director: Magnus Hierta
Senior Art Director: Brig White
Planning Director: John Gibson
Managing Director: Steve Humble
Senior Broadcast Producer: Kathy Lippincott
Broadcast Producer: Heather Tanton
Broadcast Junior Producer: Caroline Helms
Production Company: Studio Animal
Director: Martin Allais
Producer: Maria Soler Chopo
Illustration: Martin Allais
Storyboards: Martin Allais
Animatic: Pere Hernández, Javi Vaquero, Matt Deans
Animator: Pere Hernández, Javi Vaquero, Pablo Navarro, Dani Alcaraz
Tracing and color:Ezequiel Cruz, Macarena Ortega, Eva Puyuelo, Joel Morales
Compositing: Santi Justribó Martin Allais
Music (performed by): Owl City (Adam Young)
Voiceover talent: Owl City (Adam Young)
Original Music and Lyrics: David Muhlenfeld (English Major, LLC)

:30 (Royale)
Executive Creative Director/Partner: Brien Holman
Managing Director/Partner: Jennifer Lucero
Art Director: Andy Lyon
Designers: Jonathan Kim, Andy Lyon, Jennifer Olive Lee, Jason Cook, George Fuentes, Anthony Madlangbayan
3D Modeling/Surfacing Lead: Juan Carlos Cuadra
3D Character Animation: Andy Lyon, James Lane, James Parris, Ian Mankowski
3D Rigging: Ian Mankowski
3D Modeling/Rendering: George Longo, Juan Carlos Cuarda, Ian Mankowski, John W. Nguyen
3D Animation: Orlando Costa, Kevin Tonkin
2D Cel Animation: Andy Lyon, Anthony Madlangbayan

Storyboard Artists: Scott Richie/Brian Koons
Compositing: Mike Humphries, Renzo Reyes, John W. Nguyen

Head of Production: Danielle Hazan
Producer: Jamey Kitchens


Emanuele Colombo (@ema_colombo)

1.30 version style is thousand times better!

Greg Stesso

So cool! Nice job on the stylized 3D renders.


i love it~


I like them both. Pretty stuff.


Neat rendering style, especially love the look of the car. Really nicely done.


Love it!


So beautiful they both bring my inner child to tears!


Great look and feel on both pieces. Catchy little tune too.

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