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Estelle’s Story


House of Radon for Refugees United in “Estelle’s Story“.


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On Departure

On Departure

On Departure by Eoin Duffy

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Turner’s INJAUS turns a novel spot for its Argentinian cable channel, I.SAT.

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The Sound of LUX, OBEN

Amazing student work continues to pour out of French animation schools – this time from EMCA.

(Above) Juliette Oberndorfer creates an entrancing, enigmatic story in her grad film, LUX (check out her blog and portfolio for more imagery) – but this otherwordly, cyclical transit is really heightened by the clever sound design of N’gouda Prince Ba, who previously composed the ethereal setting for OBEN earlier this year (below).

Aside from the fact that these stand alone as impressive visual and conceptual works, my real interest here was the emotional gravity created in both by this sole sound designer.   N’gouda Prince was kind enough to elaborate on his contributions to these works, his background, and expanding portfolio:

“I began my education in mathematics, but then transferred to a film school near EMCA, so I know a lot of students there – especially Thierno Ba, who asked me to work on OBEN.

For OBEN, I tried to create a tension to reflect the storm. It wasn’t easy. I wanted to compose a simple soundtrack, but the emphasis was the transitions between scenes.  It’s a bit difficult to keep a musical coherence between the great outdoors and the hospital. For LUX… Juliette wanted ambiance without music, with a climactic ending. In general, it’s simple for me: I just try to tell a story with the sound paralleling the film visuals.

At the moment, I’m working as an interaction and scenic designer for a museum (dance, exhibitions, theater). I’m also writing a new documentary film, and am developing the sound for animated film called “Sillage”. I hope I will succeed in telling the right story with the sound!”

No doubt it will be a success!  We look forward to future work from N’Gouda Prince Ba and the students/grads of EMCA.


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Understand Music

Understand Music from finally.

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Sub! by Jesse Schmal


Brilliant short Sub! from RISD grad Jesse Schmal.

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012 | 4 Comments »

“A Decade” from TreeHouse

TreeHouse Studio spans a decade in 90 seconds through an atmospheric short for Jet Magazine’s Hong Kong exhibition 十年一刻 (Decades Moment).  Stills and concepts at Treehouse’s site.

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ODD NY: Mapping

Chapter 1: MappingOffice of Development and Design re-examines NYC topography based on perception in the first installment of it’s series of shorts entitled ODD NYBehind-the-scenes.

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Magus Maximus

Great backgrounds and character design in Emanuel Strixner’s Magus Maximus.

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Classic Quickie: Sullivan & Marks Reel (1978)

This week’s Classic Quickie: Sullivan & Marks graphics demo reel (1978).  Jeff Doud, director & designer of this content, also hosts a spread of his past work here.  Related: Harry Marks’ bio site.  Impressive history.

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What Is Dead May Never Die by Kadavre Exquis

Hints of yesterday’s future in Kadavre Exquis’ new work What is Dead May Never Die. Exquis directed, animated, and composed the piece (album here).

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Classic Quickie: Chris Casady’s FX for TRON (1982)

Motionographer Classic Quickie: Chris Casady’s effects animation for TRON (1982).

Read more about Chris’s amazing work in this short retrospective.

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Blade Runner (Aquarelle Edition) by Anders Ramsell

A magnificent impressionistic version of Blade Runner through 3285 watercolor paintings, by Anders Ramsell.

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012 | 2 Comments »

Museum of Endangered Sounds

For all you audiophiles out there, Brendan Chilcutt’s The Museum of Endangered Sounds.

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Motionographer Classic Quickie: Inside 1980s ILM

Motionographer Classic Quickie: Director Gavin Rothery hosts a great review of groundbreaking analog VFX techniques with a series of videos peeking inside 1980s Industrial Light & Magic.

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 | 2 Comments »

Morgan Schweitzer

Morgan Schweitzer updates.

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The Unofficial Start of Summer

Well, its here again: searing heat, freezing water, jelly rolls and mosquitoes.  Although the proper start of Summer isn’t until late June, Memorial Day Weekend in the US is the unofficial spark of mid-year festivities surrounding the fire in the sky – namely, the opening of swimming pools.  (Personally, I frightened guests at two different bathing locales this past weekend.)  So, let’s pay homage to this annual tradition with a few favorites from recent years:

Swimming Pool by Alexandra Hetmerova

On Time Off by Bill Porter

And while many of us are preoccupied with the elasticity of our swimming garb, let us also remember the true reason for Memorial Day and pay respect to those who have served and lost their lives for our freedoms.

• Related: The Tourists by Malcolm Sutherland


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Lemoine for Woodkid: Run Boy Run

As powerful as it is seemingly simple, Yoann Lemoine (aka Woodkid) once again develops a vibrant grayscale storyline through an intense and sensorial concoction of cinematic mastery for his latest EP, Run Boy Run.

A continuation of theme and technique from the previously successful Iron, Lemoine stirs an extremely persuasive brew.  If the general concept of determination through adversity isn’t cause enough to like Lemoine’s work, then revel in the imaginative wardrobe, towering landscapes, and epic cinematography.


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Shift by Max Hattler

Shift by Max Hattler. More info here.

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Østersøen by Lorenzo Papace

Vincent Pianina & Lorenzo Papace conduct a magnificent ride through mountains of paper for Ödland’s Østersøen.

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