Lemoine for Woodkid: Run Boy Run

As powerful as it is seemingly simple, Yoann Lemoine (aka Woodkid) once again develops a vibrant grayscale storyline through an intense and sensorial concoction of cinematic mastery for his latest EP, Run Boy Run.

A continuation of theme and technique from the previously successful Iron, Lemoine stirs an extremely persuasive brew.  If the general concept of determination through adversity isn’t cause enough to like Lemoine’s work, then revel in the imaginative wardrobe, towering landscapes, and epic cinematography.


Video Director: Yoann Lemoine
Produced by: ICONOCLAST with the help of Picseyes
Producer: Roman Pichon
Art Director: Pierre Pell
Post Production: OneMore Prod
VFX Supervisor: Gregory Lanfranchy
Flame Artist: Herve Thouement
Flare Artists: Laura Saintecatherine & Romain Leclerc
3D: Olivier Junquet & Priscilla Clay
Matte Painting: Arnaud Philippe Giraux
Post Producer: Raminta Poskute
Label & Video Commissioner: Pierre Le Ny