BBC Education “Every Element of Wonder”


Love the insane amount of detail and variety that went into this BBC spot from Flink. More details on the project page.

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  • Pedro Ramos

    I was amazed when I saw the spot on TV. The work is brilliant, but I find it surprising that the BBC itself used a German agency for the job, instead of using British talent, like they’ve been doing traditionally.

    • That is a very interesting point. I wonder what the thinking was behind that decision. I’ll reach out to Fink for a comment.

      • Luke Letellier

        The CG talent (Indy8) is based on London though…

        • Nick Oh

          Indy8 is the production company. The film is directed and crafted by weareflink in Germany.

    • Here’s the response from Fink:

      “There was no german ad agency involved. It was written and commissioned by a UK agency based (Y&R London) with UK creative talent behind the idea and then was commissioned (after a competive pitch against other talent) to a UK based production company (Indy8 / Independent out of London) who produced the project with the best possible directorial talent for the brief of the project which was weareflink and their studio.”

      • Pedro Ramos

        Thanks for inquiring, Justin.
        So, basically, the middle-men are British and the guys who got hands on the actual project were German, right? Brexit anyone?

  • Alberto Segado

    low budget per equal or even best quality maybe?

  • Donavon Brutus

    This is so pleasing.